MapleSim by Maplesoft

Advanced System Level Modeling and Simulation

MapleSim is an advanced system-level modeling and simulation tool that applies modern techniques to dramatically reduce model development time, provide greater insight into system behavior, and to produce fast, high-fidelity simulations.

MapleSim is a system-level modeling environment for:

  • Lumped parameter
  • 1D modeling and simulation
  • System-level modeling
  • Multidomain
  • Code generation
  • Hardware in the loop (HIL) simulation
  • Modelica
  • Inverse kinematics and dynamics

MapleSim Overview Video

Why MapleSim?

Rapid Creation and Testing of Concepts

By enabling quick prototyping and testing of design concepts, MapleSim allows you to try out more ideas in less time.

Easy Modeling of Multidomain Systems

MapleSim allows you to model multiple domains in one place, so you can track down design flaws arising from unexpected interactions between different domains.

Computationally Efficient Models

MapleSim produces high fidelity, computationally efficient models suitable for in-the-loop simulations, controller design, and activities such as optimization.

Key Features

Powerful Symbolic and Numeric Engine

Complementing its strong numerics, the powerful symbolic modeling engine in MapleSim provides many advantages other systems simply cannot match.

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Multi-domain Modeling

MapleSim includes over 700 built-in components from many different domains. System-level models can be created by seamlessly combining components.

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Drag and Drop Physical Modeling

With MapleSim, you avoid having to translate your design into equations and manipulate them into signal-flow block diagrams by using a drag and drop interface.

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MapleSim's plotting and visualization capabilities include 2D simulation results and 3D simulation animations.

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Customized Analysis

An interactive analysis environment provides powerful analysis tools and the ability to quickly customize and extend these tools to suit your project.

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Integration with Your Toolchain

MapleSim can be seamlessly combined with your existing toolchain, so you can use MapleSim to achieve fast, auto-generated model code for use in other tools.

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